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For more than thirty years Reed Printing has exceeded the government’s guidelines on post-consumer paper use. At Reed Printing our customized equipment and technics enable us to maintain remarkably low on-press waste levels well exceeding industry standards. All in-plant waste is shredded and bailed for efficient recycling. Over 73% of all old newspapers in the United States are recovered and recycled, and the amount of recycled fiber content in newsprint is more than 40%.


No petroleum ink here, we use only soy. In addition to being more environmentally friendly itself, soy ink makes recycling the paper it is printed on easier. Thanks to new technology, we no longer need inefficient gas ovens to dry the ink. We use ultraviolet light and special U.V. sensitive ink resulting in no harmful emissions. Any waste or unused ink is reclaimed and shipped back to the manufacturer for immediate reuse.


In order to minimize power usage and increase overall efficiency, Reed Printing utilizes a workload clustering schematic. This means print jobs are aggressively scheduled into tight continuous shifts. This results in fewer cold plant start-ups and fewer employee trips to and from work.
Our printing plates are made of high grade Aluminum. Highly recyclable, aluminum is by far the most desirable post-consumer material.
All water use in the plant (excluding restrooms and other lines designated for human use and consumption) is on recirculation systems resulting in almost no wastewater.

Interesting facts:

The use of paper actually helps to keep U.S. forests growing and managed for better sustainability.
In the U.S., private landowners plant about 4 million trees every day. That’s 3-4 times more than they harvest.
The great thing about using wood fiber to make paper is that it is infinitely renewable. We can keep planting trees forever, even in places where no trees were planted before, making new forests to serve as good ecosystems while providing more than enough of the resources we need.

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